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Your name is Schmichael Schwesten. You used to be a spy.

Welcome to Operatives & Civilians, a 3-6 person, episodic, Burn Notice-inspired Lasers & Feelings hack following a mish-mashed team of do-gooders with legally questionable methods, equally questionable pasts, and more sense than cash.

Using L&F's famously simple d6 roll-over/under system, you and your friends take on all kinds of odd and dangerous jobs, using your OPERATIVE and CIVILIAN skills to solve hard problems for people who are in over their heads. If you're not familiar with Burn Notice, this means

  • pretending to be people you're not,
  • improvising gear out of everyday household items,
  • driving fast and shooting faster,

all without attracting too much attention from the police or feds.

Can you help your client, stay out of legal trouble, scrape up some cash, and make it back home in time for mojitos? Gather up two to five more friends and find out!

The Operatives & Civilians brochure features…

  • Concise rules for playing the game
  • Easy-to-use tables to generate characters and jobs
  • A simplified map of Miami to mark home base and follow the team’s action

Written and designed for Zine Month 2022.

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Buy Now$2.50 USD or more

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